Corona LimaThe blimps are the fastest advertising support implementation at present, therefore, have one property will be highly profitable. When the blimp is flying in the sky everyone around you can see, you know, and know your business.
Our blimps are designed to attract people passing through its site and is very likely to become your new customers. The zeppelins are used as bait in large openings, local retail, exhibitions, sales, festivals and all kinds of meetings and events that require notoriety.


The helium blimps are very interesting to attract the attention of:

  • Tours and promotions.
  • Sporting events and tournaments.
  • Openings of establishments and sales.
  • Theme Parks.
  • Point of sales promotions.
  • Introductions of new products.
  • Concerts and conventions.
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions.
  • Meetings and Events.

Zeppelines 4, 5, 6, 7.5 and 9 meters long

Zeppelin cautivo Precio Volumen helio Cap. Elevación
4 metros liso

750.00Add to cart

7 m3 2 kg.
5 metros liso

890.00Add to cart

10 m3 4 kg.
6 metros liso

990.00Add to cart

16 m3 6 kg.

Incluye: zeppelin, kit d eiluminación interior 300W (opcional), arnés y cuerda para el amarra, kit de reparación, portes, instrucciones, adaptador y manguera para el llenado de helio.

Article Price
Ilumination kit 300 W

150.00Add to cart

Vinil rotulation

175.00Add to cart

Digital rotulation

250.00Add to cart

Blimps are made ​​of PVC or nylon materials are more resistant than the traditional watertight and polyurethane, which enables substantial savings for helium leak as well as possible tearing.
All are coated UV inhibitor to prevent fading from the sun. They are therefore very durable, ideal for exterior and a high helium retention for a minimum porosity ensuring helium savings achieved by using them.
You can also order it with printed decoration. Digital printing with flexible paint (urethane) to not break once deflated and maintain its appearance in perfect condition during successive inflated. The paint work is done on the surface by applying a mixture of urethane based, thanks to its flexibility, will become part of the zeppelin. So, this painting will last forever and never descascarillará or peel. The paint work digitally applied so all lettering and logos marry perfectly.

All our PVC or Polyurethane zeppelins include:

  • 40 meters of rope.
  • 1.5 meter hose for inflating with helium.
  • Instructions and repair kit in case of puncture.
  • From 5 meters include the possibility zeppelins interior lighting


There are two ways to advertise your company, your product, service or brand, zeppelin acquisition or lease thereof.


Rental of our zeppelins

The blimp has a built rental anchor system that allows the installation of a banner ad on each side of it.
SANTIAGO ZEPPELIN technicians will take care of the whole process: Taking zeppelin, inflated, lifting and collection. The client only has to give us a logo of the brand, company or product to be incorporated into the banner and we will send to our printer to perform the banners bearing the zeppelin on its sides.

1 day from 2 to 4 day 5 days or more
Zeppelin 5m. long 550€ 350€/day 290€/day
Zeppelin 6m. 650€ 450€/day 390€/day
Vinil rotulation on both sides 175€
Night lights (optional) included

Diets: 0,44 el Km. and 100 € /day (Outside Gallician Community ).