Hot Air Balloon

The balloon, due to its spectacular, majestic and colorful becomes an impressive way to attract the attention of the public, creating a unique party atmosphere and spectacle.

Our goal is to make an original activity, fun and memorable for attendees.
Balloons have different sizes designed especially to place one or more banners marked on the candle, it is usual to measure 50 m2

Flight captive

The balloon would be moored to the ground and perform constant ups and downs up to 20 m high.
For two hours we can rise to more than 100 adults with two passenger balloon.
We need a space of 40 x 40 m. clearways: lampposts, cars, cables, plants, etc..
The balloon needs to favorable weather conditions (low wind and no thermals) in summer the wind is usually calmer in the morning until 11 h. and in the afternoon from 19 pm. not a drawback if darkens as it will use an inner flame that lights the globe as a 3000W bulb.
Naturally the balloon is insured, licensed pilot and meets all necessary requirements.