Water games

It is a spectacular inflatable attraction where a person can get inside the sphere and roll all kinds of soil and water. It is ideal as a publicity or as a play on beaches and swimming pools definitely an experience you will not forget if you try this attraction.

Hay dos modelos:

  1. Roller.
  2. Walker ball.


Walker ball

Quantity Material Size Price
1 PVC 2m

780.00Add to cart

2 PVC 2m

700.00Add to cart

3 PVC 2m
5 PVC 2m
1 TPU 2m

2,390.00Add to cart

2 TPU 2m

3,590.00Add to cart

3 TPU 2m

3,990.00Add to cart

5 TPU 2m

3,990.00Add to cart


Inside measure Outside measure Long Price
2,1 m 2,4m 2,7

1,680.00Add to cart