inflatable Screens

Cinema projection screens or billboards

It is a unique advertising medium, with a great finish and design, in turn, very economical. Prepared for outdoor use, and the most varied events, with the intention to reach their target audiences demanding.

Film screening

Allows you to display their advertising messages in exhibitions, open squares, fairs, festivals and concerts in wider access roads for events of magnitude and the mayor on public roads. With You will guaranteed the best care from the public, with a surprising quantity and quality of advertising impacts and ensuring LONG-TERM memory effect.


Elegantly: A bouncy Mechanism that Enables High Tech Support a large graphic print on the front integrated its structure and change when deemed necessary. This stability is achieved by a quiet compressor which provides air to the frame without interruption steadily keeping stable. It maintains its stable position using 4 anchors, one at each corner of the structure, which are connected to the main frame via drawstrings. This form of anchor ensures absolute stability, EVEN Wind Gusts with individual reached 60 km / h. Its installation requires approximately 10 minutes and removal only 15 minutes (depending on size).

Make it mobile and portable their marketing and / or promotional: is completely independent, without scaffolding works without need of rest on facades, or mechanisms that support it. Can be installed in any place where you can be put in place. You can choose from our wide range of sizes and formats to meet almost any of your needs or, if desired, it is possible to develop formats and special sizes and custom colors to order.