Night Light - Zeppelin SantiagoNIGHT LIGHT is a portable illuminated globe through a backpack. Ideal for capturing people‘s attention. They are perfect for rallies, concerts, shopping, etc.. Our illuminated balloons or bedside lamps are mounted in a backpack specially designed for the person who wears it, can pass through the crowds in different places, talk to people, talk about their product offerings and even distribute coupons or brochures. CALLED ATTENTION! no matter where you use them. The many uses of the NIGHT LIGHT are as limitless as your imagination. The last time we used our night lights in outdoor mall, people constantly stopped us and asked questions about our balloons illuminated due to the attraction of these. Think of the marketing power you have – not only customers are viewing your ad, also have the opportunity to interact with the person wearing the night light. They are easy to install and easy to use. The backpack design Night Light allows freedom of movement and maximum exposure of the message. The battery is integrated into the backpack specially designed and comes with a charger to allow for multiple uses. You can choose between two forms of balloon, depending on your business and the impact you want to do. We beads and spheroids. Includes: Instructions, globe or spheroid, bulbs, pack, 12v battery, charger, and repair kit in case of punctures.